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  • June 2016

    IBHE ILDS Users:

    After a few delays this past spring, we are nearing the end of the first round of ILDS/IHEIS(Illinois Higher Education Information System) data collection for the public universities. As mentioned in previous messages, the data collection for the private institutions was initially set to begin as the data collection for the public universities neared completion. Our rationale for the staggered approach was to use the data collection with the public universities to pinpoint any remaining issues and ambiguities before making the formal request from the private institutions. It is now June and we are ready to collect your enrollment and graduation data.

    Another reason for delay is due to a change in the management for this project. As the new manager of this project, I’d like to introduce myself. I am the Associate Director for Information Management and Research at IBHE, David Smalley. I have recently come from the Illinois State Board of Education where I oversaw the Data Analysis Division and the many data collections we had in place for the 860+ school districts. More importantly, I’ve worked as Director of Institutional Research at several private colleges and actually submitted data to IBHE using the first iteration of the system. I can definitely empathize with most of you as you go through this new process. However, the new system was developed while fully considering the limitations of the old system.

    Our aim at IBHE is to provide you with the necessary tools, support, and guidance to enable you to successfully submit your data. We want quality data and we need to set clear expectations for you to achieve that goal. In the future we anticipate using the ILDS/IHEIS data to eventually replace the Fall Enrollment Surveys (I & II) and also hope to use the system to assist you in developing some of your IPEDS surveys.

    Some of the technical support specific to the data collection process will come in the form of a data dictionary that provides details and specifications for each of the data elements (see attachments). We are also in the process of finalizing a user manual that includes screen shots to walk you through the data submission process step by step. The user manual also provides instructions to enable each user to utilize the system in a short period of time.

    There will be three IBHE staff people (I am included) to work on the helpdesk to assist with system issues. And lastly, I am hoping we can have regular webinars at the outset and whenever there are new changes to the system.

    For this initial collection we need to backfill the data for Academic Years 2013-14 (fall, spring, summer), 2014-15 (fall, spring, summer), and 2015-16 (fall and spring; summer if available). As further explained in the user manual, the collection cycle will be used for set collection times. For this initial collection for the backfilling years, the collection cycle can be used to separate the years to better manage the files (1=All 3 Years, 2=2013-14, 3=2014-15, 4=2015-16).

    Our collection for current and past years is open starting today and will close August 15th. A timeline for future collections will be released in a few weeks to help you better plan for this collection.

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