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Illinois Board of Higher Education

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Data & Statistics

Data collected and maintained by the Board fall into three broad categories:

  • demographic information about enrolled students and degree recipients
  • faculty and staff information
  • characteristics of individual colleges and universities.

The Board collects data through surveys of public and private institutions; the Illinois Community College Board coordinates collection of information from and about public community colleges and supplies the appropriate data to the Board of Higher Education.

Student demographic data include age, gender, racial/ethnic group, enrollment status, major, type of degree being sought, and county and state of origin. Faculty and staff information include those demographic factors ( race, gender) as well as academic rank and tenure status.

Among the information resources available from the Board of Higher Education are:
  • Data Book
    Data Book provides a general reference for and an overview of Illinois higher education.

  • Dynamic Data Book
    Dynamic Data Book provides a general reference for and an overview of Illinois higher education with the capability to generate and export desired data.

  • Data Points
  • Snapshot analysis of some higher education data by IBHE Information Management and Research

  • Student Financial Aid Survey (SFA)
    SFA shows the amounts, types and sources of financial aid received by students enrolled at Illinois higher education institutions.

  • Resource Allocation and Management Program (RAMP)
    RAMP is the principal means for public institutions to transmit planning, programmatic, and budgeting decisions to the Board of Higher Education for review and consideration.

  • Cost Studies
    The cost studies for public universities are used regularly in program review and budget development.

  • Institutional Profiles
    Institutional Profiles provides important information regarding enrollment, degrees awarded, active degree programs, tuition and fees, room and board, student financial aid, full-time faculty and employees, and average faculty salaries for institutions selected by users.

  • Degree Program Inventory
    Degree Program Inventory is a searchable degree program inventory database web application. The database includes a great deal of information, including types of institutions and institution names, degree levels, ten years of fall enrollments, ten years of degrees awarded by fiscal year, race and gender, and fields of study. Over 7,000 active degree programs are in the database.

  • Enrollments & Degrees System
    Illinois Higher Education Enrollments & Degrees System (IHEEDS) is a searchable database application. It provides web users the ability to create their own queries to search the database of fall enrollments and degrees awarded. The database includes types of institutions, institution name, degree levels, ten years of fall enrollments and degrees awarded, race and gender, and field of study.

  • The Public University Administrator and Faculty Salary and Benefits Database
    The database provides salary and benefit information for full-time and part-time administrators and instructional staff at Illinois’ public universities as required by Public Act 96-0266 (effective January 1, 2010). P.A. 96-0266 requires that each public university report to the Illinois Board of Higher Education (IBHE) the base salary and benefits of the president and all administrators, faculty members, and instructors employed by the college or university.

Information Management & Research Staff

  • Eric Lichtenberger
    Deputy Director
  • Billie Edson
    Associate Director
  • Shawn Beasley
    Associate Director
  • David Antonacci
    Associate Director
  • David Smalley
    Associate Director
  • Corey Hankins
    Institutional Research Analyst
  • Shawna Mayer
    Web Specialist II
  • Phone : 217.782.2551

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