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Fiscal Affairs & Budgeting:

Fiscal Year 2016 & 2017

In fiscal year 2016, Public Act 99-502 provides $600 million in “Stop Gap I” partial funding for public universities ($350 million, 30%), community colleges ($74.1 million, 27%), the fall semester awards for the Monetary Award Program ($169.8 million, 50%), and the Illinois Mathematics & Science Academy ($6 million, 33%). On June 30, 2016, Public Act 99-524 was enacted providing “Stop Gap II” funding of nearly $1 billion in general funds. While this appropriation is enacted into Fiscal Year 2017, it allows for the reimbursement of Fiscal Year 2016 expenditures to be disbursed over the next several months into Fiscal Year 2017. Combining both stop gap measures it provides state support for public universities (83%), community colleges (70%), and MAP claims for the academic year 16-17 (100%). No appropriation for the academic year 16-17 MAP awards is provided. Also, state contributions to State Universities Retirement System (SURS) pursuant to continuing appropriation clauses totaled $1,606,104,600 for Fiscal Year 2016.

A summary chart is available on the Appropriations Page.

Fiscal Year 2015

In fiscal year 2015, higher education institutions, agencies, and grant programs received $3.5 billion in state general funds, an increase of $34.5 million over the fiscal year 2014 appropriations. When $1,548,659,500 in state contributions to the State Universities Retirement System is excluded, funding for higher education institutional operations and grants totals nearly $2.0 billion, which is flat compared to the fiscal year 2014 appropriation. The fiscal year 2015 budget includes a total of $1.2 billion in general funds support for public universities, a slight decrease of $2.8 million from fiscal year 2014. Additionally, the budget includes $294.5 million for community colleges, also a slight increase of $1.7 million over fiscal year 2014. The fiscal year 2015 budget includes a total of $373.3 million (an increase of $56,400) for the Monetary Award Program (MAP), the state's needs-based student financial aid program.

In an effort to rescind some Fiscal Year appropriations due to statewide budgetary shortfalls, Public Act 99-001 enacted approximately $44 million in appropriation reductions to higher education.

Fiscal Affairs & Budgeting Staff

  • Nyle Robinson
    Deputy Director
  • Amanda Long
    Fiscal Analyst
  • Phone : 217.782.2551
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