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The Nursing School Grant Program
The purpose of the Nursing School Grant Program is to increase the number of registered nurses graduating from Illinois institutions of higher learning. The Nursing School Grant Program will award grants in 2 categories: Expansion Grants and Improvement Grants. Eligible nursing programs include Associate Degrees in Nursing (ADN), Registered Nursing to Baccalaureate Degree Completion Programs (RN-BSN), and Baccalaureate Degrees in Nursing (BSN). Programs must meet accreditation requirements and other eligibility criteria. Expansion grants and Improvement grants shall be determined in a competitive process and will be awarded on the basis of NCLEX-RN pass rates and other performance criteria. Expansion Grant funds may be used to hire faculty, develop new programs and increase classroom space to expand capacity. Improvement grant awards will be much smaller award amounts and may be used to purchase classroom materials, increase academic support services, or make curriculum modifications to increase retention and licensing exam pass rates.

Please note that only nursing schools are eligible for this grant.  For information about financial aid for students interested in nursing, go to Illinois Student Assistance Commission ( and the Illinois Center for Nursing (

Rules and Statutes
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  • Statutes
    (110 ILCS 205/9.31) Sec. 9.31. Competitive grants to nursing schools. In order to increase the number of nurses graduating from Illinois institutions of higher learning, the Board shall establish and administer a competitive grant program for institutions of higher learning that award degrees in nursing. The grants may be awarded on the basis of performance criteria that shall include, but not be limited to, degree production, student retention, and passage rates on professional licensure examinations. The Board shall adopt those rules that are necessary for the implementation and administration of the grants established under this Section.
Applications/Request for Proposals

Applications for fiscal year 2018 grant awards were due October 31, 2017

Budget Transfer Forms
Forms for FY 2018 will be forthcoming after the grant agreements are signed.
Award Announcements

The Board of Higher Education approved the following recommendations to award Expansion and Improvement Grants under the Nursing School Grant Program.

Quarterly Reports
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