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A voluntary consortium of Illinois’ higher education community—public, independent and proprietary institutions—which will contract and collaborate with the Illinois Board of Higher Education to allow it to meet its statutory requirements with regard to the mandated Illinois Longitudinal Data System. This will allow IBHE to contract for and provide resources for technical support and training for institutions of higher education and make grant funding available to this consortium to provide assistance in the development of a data collection system.

While the IBHE is authorized to collect data directly from public universities and independent colleges and universities, the idea of a voluntary, collaborating consortium is one we wish to explore. Please join other stakeholders in discussing the merits of a consortium arrangement that includes all of higher education, including public, independent and proprietary colleges and universities.

Below are some of the draft documents associated with the activities of this proposed working group. Please check back frequently for modified or added documents.

Working Group Minutes

ILDS Postsecondary Data Elements

Other Documents

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