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On-Campus and Off-Campus Programs

Some colleges and universities offer programs in various settings.

  1. What is the difference between on-campus and off-campus programs?
    The only difference between off-campus and on-campus programs is in the location where classes are conducted. On-campus programs are offered on the institution’s campus or campuses whereas off-campus programs are offered at remote sites away from the institution’s campus.  

  2. Do off-campus programs offer less education?
    Off-campus programs deliver the same quality education as on-campus ones but may use different telecommunications or computer technologies to bring instruction to the off-campus location.

  3. Which groups of students most benefit from attending off-campus program?
    Off-campus programs provide convenient educational opportunities for place-bound/time-bound/ adult learners who reside in areas far from campus locations. With advances in computing and communication technologies, many institutions have been designing and offering online courses as a form of off-campus programming. Online programs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Below is a brief explanation of some important issues to consider about online education.

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