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The world of college may often seem unwieldy and complex. This consumer information guide is aimed at deepening and broadening your understanding of college, or postsecondary education, as it’s often known. It is designed to give Illinois consumers—potential students, current students, their parents, employers, and others—an overview. The information here is not exhaustive. More detailed information on Illinois colleges and universities, their admission policies, program and course offerings, financial aid, and the like may be found by contacting individual institutions. If you are currently enrolled in a high school, you should be able to get assistance on a variety of postsecondary issues from your school counselor.

This site offers general information on college education to help you examine options for furthering your education. However, it shouldn’t be considered a substitute for the information from the individual colleges or universities where you are considering enrolling.

The vocabulary of higher education can often appear baffling to the layperson. If there are terms that you don’t fully understand while reading this material, you may refer to glossaries of higher education terms, available at: IPEDS Glossary or Glossary of US Educational Terminology

Following are a few questions that you may have as you consider your options for higher education in Illinois:

  • Is college for you?
  • How can you finance your education?
  • Which type of school is best for you?
  • What type of degree and field of study can you pursue?
  • What schools are authorized in Illinois?

Think of the following information as College 101 – a primer on going to college. Or, for those with specific questions, simply click on the following topics to jump around the document:

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