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Fields of Study or Academic Disciplines and Related Occupations

Colleges and universities classify programs in a numerical scheme established by the federal government called the Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP). You can look at this classification structure to get an idea of the many fields of study offered by colleges and universities. You can find this detailed list of topical areas at Classification of Instructional Programs. It isn’t likely that you’ll find a program in each and every one of these fields of study at a college in Illinois, but you’ll be surprised at how many are available here. An inventory of programs offered by Illinois institutions can be found at Illinois Program Inventory.

For information about programs and services provided by community colleges, you may contact the Illinois Community College Board at the following address or you may choose to contact your local community college.

Illinois Community College Board
401 East Capitol Avenue
Springfield , IL 62701
Telephone: (217) 785-0123

If you are interested in conducting research on various occupations while determining what you want to study in college, the US Department of Labor publishes the Occupational Outlook Quarterly Online. If you scroll around this website, you’ll find a number of links that may help you better understand the job market, including the Occupational Outlook Handbook. Illinois specific information on jobs is available through the Illinois Department of Employment Security at Illinois Career Information System.

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