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General Assembly scholarships

On July 11, 2012, the governor signed legislation abolishing the General Assembly scholarship program in Illinois. Public Act 97-0772 can be viewed here.

Previously, Illinois law provided for each member of the General Assembly to annually nominate two persons of school age and otherwise eligible, from his district to receive a certificate of scholarship in any state supported university designated by the member.

For questions, contact the Illinois State Board of Education's Public Information Division at (217) 782-4648.

For further information, contact Amanda Elliott in the Governmental Relations Division at 217-782-6510.

Transcripts for closed private high schools

llinois State Board of Education

Transcripts for closed private vocational and technical schools that granted certificates or diplomas

Illinois Board of Higher Education

Transcripts for degree-granting institutions that have closed

Illinois Board of Higher Education

Certification of K-12 teachers

Illinois State Board of Education

Community colleges

Illinois Community College Board

Student loans, Monetary Award Program grants, National Guard or Veterans grants, Minority Teachers of Illinois scholarships, Illinois Future Teacher Corps scholarships, Illinois Special Education Tuition Waivers, Golden Apple Scholars

Illinois Student Assistance Commission

Illinois Medical Student scholarships
Nursing Education scholarships
Allied Health Care Professional Scholarship Program

Illinois Department of Public Health

Requirements for teaching at colleges and universities

Each individual institution, which sets requirements and hires faculty

GED testing and certification

Illinois Community College Board

Continuing education to satisfy professional licensing requirements, new licenses and renewals

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Barber colleges, truck-driving schools

Contact each individual institution who offers these programs

Accreditation of colleges and universities

The institution directly or The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools

Admission requirements, residency requirements, tuition, fees, and student costs

Office of Admissions at institutions or Illinois Board of Higher Education

Transfers from two-year to four-year colleges and universities

Illinois Articulation Initiative

Retirement benefits

State Universities Retirement System

Civil service job classifications, rules, exams

State Universities Civil Service System

Labor relations, collective bargaining

Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board

State and federal grant programs – Diversifying Faculty in Illinois, Health Services Education Grants, Illinois Cooperative Work Study, Independent Colleges Capital Program, State Matching Grants, and No Child Left Behind (federal).

Illinois Board of Higher Education

For more information and ongoing updates of the Illinois Public Agenda for College and Career Success

Illinois Board of Higher Education

Complaints/questions about :

A professor, a grade, academic status

Institutional ombudsman, or: Department Dean, Dean of Academic Affairs, Provost

Financial aid payments, credits

Institution’s financial aid office, Dean of Students



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